Masturbation Lubes
Masturbation Lubricants are different from other lubes. They must be more slippery, but is not necessary that they are condom compatible.
Beside the function to make the masturbation easier they must give you also a great feeling, which is by other lubes not so necessary.
Beside masturbation and playing with yourself, it can be used also by couples if it not necessary to use a condom.

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Gun Oil: Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

Manual friction and thermal body energy transform the cream into an intense solo experience around the 29th stroke

  • thick, creamy formula
  • non-drip, no-mess
  • fortified with natural oils & Aloe Vera
  • unscented
  • can use for massage
  • non-staining

instead of normal retail price 24,99 EUR
Only 16,98 EUR
incl. 18% tax excl. Shipping costs

Product Details

BOO masturbation cream
Lubricating cream is a silicone based cream which moisturizes and smoothes the skin to enhance his sensual experience.
Contains no perfume.
instead of normal retail price 19,98 EUR
Only 9,99 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs

Product Details

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