Delay Condoms

Delay Condoms
Delay Condoms are approved, quality product, specially formulated to reduce over sensitivity for the male and prolong sexual pleasure. Delay Condoms have a special lubricant in it what help against premature ejaculation.
There are easier to use then delay spray or cream and more discreet, esp. when you don´t want that your partner know you take some delay stuff.

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SICO Marathon Delay Condoms - made in Germany  50 pcs. against premature ejaculation.
SICO Marathon - transparent, moist condom with reservoir. With a benzocaine coating (5%) for longer stay hard and more pleasure. Cylindrical shape. Each condom was individually electronically tested. Transparent, made from natural rubber latex..........
instead of normal retail price 38,95 EUR
Only 13,98 EUR
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs

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