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We found a new place in Qormi. Important: The shop is in Qormi, not in Attard. This is a big mistake of google and googlemaps. And it looks like they are unable to change it, even we contact them serveral times.
At moment we can make delivery via Malta Post and personal. For Malta Post we offer cash on delivery, bank transfer and you can pay via paypal. For paypal just ask us. Personal we just take cash and cheques with Id card. Personal delivery is at moment possible up from 25 €uro in South and Central. In the Northeast up from 30 €uro and in the North up from 40 €uro. Personal delivery we can do only by appointment and normal not later then 20:00 (Central, South and Nordeast) and 19:00 in the North. For more infos call us.

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